Imagine a workplace where our diversity is leveraged into collaborative solutions that empower us all.

The DICE Leadership Group partners with organizational leaders to increase workplace capacity for engagement, creativity, problem-solving, and empowerment.

Let us help you create a culture of inclusion that attracts and retains a high-performing and diverse workforce.

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The Diversity, Inclusion, and Collaborative Engagement (DICE) Leadership Group demonstrates a successful framework to help organizations celebrate differences in work values, communication styles, and problem-solving. We leverage the strength in diversity to create spaces for brave dialogue, creativity, and solutions that work.  

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Building an inclusive culture is the foundation for increased self-awareness, peer-to-peer learning, and professional growth within any organization. The DICE Model, through a series of engagements and collaboration techniques, encourages all employees to take ownership of and promote organizational goals.

Empower others

The DICE Leadership Training builds capacity within organizations to aggressively act on challenges and opportunities within your workforce. Leaders gain a variety of engagement tools and interactive approaches to break-down silos, encourage increased collaboration on ideas, and empower the collective voice.

  • Everything was valuable. It was great session. I wouldn’t change anything.
    — Cafe Conversation Participant, Seattle
  • I most enjoyed thinking out of the box and engaging with the questions presented to us. I loved it.
    — Cafe Conversation Participant, Washington DC
  • I opened up to coworkers in ways that I hadn't before. I believe these positive interactions will continue.
    — Cafe Conversation Participant, Washington DC
  • I enjoyed the opportunity to come together with other intellectuals and discuss ideas that could be applied to everyone's lives.
    — DICE Idea Lab Participant, Oakland
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