We Believe In The Power Of People

to meet each other halfway, to build meaningful connections, and to form workplaces where everyone is included.

Our Story:

In 2014, we (Tasha, Michaela, and Amber) started holding small group conversations in the workplace. Our discussions focused on taboo topics that made people feel uncomfortable, yet participation grew with each new conversation.

Before long and to our surprise, we received requests from other organizations seeking similar engagements for their workplaces. Our group traveled the country, fueled by passion and motivated by positive responses, training on diversity and inclusion and creating spaces for people to engage.

Although we joined each workshop as the experts, we were awed at just how much we learned. By opening up, sharing stories, and being vulnerable, participants uncovered and highlighted the hidden intersectionalities of common struggles. From mixed-race youth who struggle to fit in to white women seeking acceptance as allies of people of color, our safe spaces uncovered a powerful feeling to belong.

We launched the Diversity, Inclusion, and Collaborative Engagement Leadership Group (call us DICE, for short) to expand our ability to help organizations tackle the eminent challenge of creating inclusive workplaces. The path to inclusion and equity won’t always be easy. But we’re in it for the long haul. Right now, we are investing time away from our customers to further explore, test, and develop strategies that result in improved work experiences.

Put on your comfortable shoes and join us.

~ Tasha, Michaela, and Amber

Our Mission:

We exist to better the world by celebrating the differences of all people through conversation, collaboration, and building connection.

Using fun, creative, and progressive tools and techniques, the DICE Leadership Group offers dynamic consultations, training, and facilitated engagements to assist leaders in effectively executing a diversity and inclusion strategy that transforms organizational culture. 

The result is an inclusive workplace that attracts and retains a diverse and productive workforce, has empowered employees leading from where they are, and maintains a solid competitive advantage into the 21st century.