Business Case:

From the diversity of thoughts, experiences, and professions to the diversity of race, gender, and age, DICE recognizes the importance of having a wide-range of groups and voices represented at all levels of an organization. In fact, the more diverse and inclusive your teams, the better your decisions and results.

Café Conversations create an opportunity to dive deeper into topics that may be considered taboo or hard to talk about. Through the power of curiosity and inquiry, organizational leaders have an opportunity to facilitate conversations that foster interpersonal discovery, increase employee empowerment, and promote collaborative engagement.

Module Description:

Café Conversations are interactive dialogue sessions that leverage the power of inquiry to uncover the wisdom of larger, diverse communities on meaningful topics. These sessions demonstrate the value of creating safe, brave forums where people can build relationships, share ideas, solve challenges, act on opportunities, and work together to establish a community of trust.

Module Objectives:

  • Explore complicated organizational challenges and opportunities in a collaborative environment.
  • Empower a culture of ‘listening to understand’ to connect ideas and shine light on patterns, insights, and deeper meanings.
  • Increase individual comfort in advancing diversity and inclusion goals within the workplace.
  • Contribute to and capture diverse thinking, experiences, and expectations for future exploration and strategic planning.

Module Content:

Participants can explore sensitive topics within the workplace including:
Organizational Diversity and Inclusion
Generational Diversity
Gender Diversity
Cultural Diversity
Racial Diversity
Empowering Employees to Empower Themselves or
A topic selected by your organization based on its challenges and opportunities.

Plan Your DICE Café:

DICE Cafe’s are add-on modules to our comprehensive training services. While we do not offer these modules as a standalone service, we would be thrilled to create a training package that includes the DICE Cafes of your choice.

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