DICE IQ Training


Business Case:

What is diversity? If we stop ten people in the hallways of your organization, would they all answer that question in a similar way? If we asked about inclusion, could employees share what an inclusive workplace looks and feels like for your organization? Our work has shown us that companies lack a shared understanding of what diversity and what inclusion means to the organization. The DICE IQ Training establishes this necessary baseline to inspire and direct positive action.

Course description:

The DICE IQ Training is a one and half-day course focused on creating a foundation for diversity and inclusion work. Participants gain a shared understanding of diversity and inclusion by learning about their personal DICE IQ and specific methods for expanding knowledge and honing cultural competency skills. 

This training sets a solid, collective understanding of what diversity and inclusion means and why working inclusively and collaboratively is not just nice, but essential for productivity and reaching diverse audiences. Establishing a common vocabulary and shared organizational values, the DICE IQ training makes diversity approachable to everyone - white, straight men included. Our course trains participants to empathetically identify, acknowledge, and avoid unconscious biases in decision-making, on teams, and in their everyday lives.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this training, participants will:

  • Identify different dimensions of diversity to set a foundation for inclusive attitudes and behaviors;

  • Understand how unconscious bias impacts daily judgments and the decision-making process;

  • Leverage the six areas of DICE IQ to communicate inclusively;

  • Practice strategies and apply concepts that strengthen DICE IQ to enhance personal and professional growth; and

  • Recognize the value and necessity of a lifelong, continuous commitment to promoting a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Course Content:

Dimensions of Diversity
Recognize the traits and qualities - inherent and acquired - that contribute to one’s dimensions of diversity.
Explore the concept of intersectionality to better understand the complexity of diversity within an organization.
Analyze teams, communities, and other associations to determine diversity of one’s personal and professional networks.

Develop full awareness, understanding, and communication skills in the area of diversity, inclusion, and collaborative engagement.
Learn the six areas of personal and professional development that contribute to one’s DICE IQ.
Create personal action plans to systematically and consistently improve DICE IQ through a series of personal challenges.

Uncover Organizational Pain Points
Explore the use of collaborative engagement to dig deeper into shared experiences and pain points to offer an often hidden and unfiltered look into company challenges.
Break down silos and promote information sharing between program areas and business units, especially among individuals who would not normally engage on the issue.
Gain insight and increased understanding of challenges and opportunities around workforce development and workplace improvement.

Proactive Problem Framing
Dissect the goals of an inquiry to determine desired outcomes and discover additional facets to explore.
Identify methods of designing a question to encourage creative and innovative responses.
Examine the power of open-ended and close-ended questions to expose blind-spots and showcase the strength of engaging diverse minds around a single issue.

Plan a Training

To ensure your DICE IQ Training is successful, we recommend:

  • A pre-training consultation to discuss goals and outline expectations;

  • Two highly-knowledgeable and experienced trainers to facilitate the learning process; and

  • A post-training consultation to review training results, offer feedback, and determine next steps.

To attain an optimal level of engagement, our trainings require a 15-person minimum and 30-person maximum attendance level.

For more information, contact us:  info@diceleadership.com