The DICE Model of engagement promotes an environment where employee discussions and problem-solving are more inclusive, collaborative, genuinely curious, and successful in landing collective solutions that work.  

We leverage the strength in diversity using proven engagement tools and techniques in ways that uncover new insights and promote an environment where people are encouraged to reach and work at their full potential.

An organizational culture that fosters creativity, engagement, and encourages new perspectives, strengthens the organization's ability to meet client and public expectations.

The best teams and organizations are built from unique, smart, and motivated individuals who can work effectively together. By convening people with different experiences, thoughts, perspective, etc., organizations find creative solutions to new, cross-cutting, complex management challenges.

The DICE Model

The DICE Leadership Group has adapted proven engagement methods designed to define, uncover, and act on ideas and opportunities. This has resulted in improved organizational trust and accomplishments. 



the brave, safe space for dialogue, creativity, and innovation.


all levels of an organization in idea-generation, problem-solving, and decision-making.


employees to manage risks, take action, and lead from where they are.


engagements that build upon dialogues to achieve organizational change and build trust.

DICE Principles of Engagement:

  • Establish forums for dialogue, creativity, and innovation
  • Promote the development of new ideas in order to solve organizational challenges
  • Increase self-awareness, understanding, learning, and productivity
  • Empower employees by introducing the train-the-trainer method to ensure long-term commitment to cultural change
  • Contribute to the health and progress of the organization
  • Repeat engagements to build trust and community in order to improve employee retention