DICE Strategy Hack


Business Case:

Strategic planning boosts your organization's ability to make progress toward shared goals. The key to inspiring a workforce to implement diverse and inclusive programs is an inclusive strategy development process. Increased inclusion results in better plans and more successful implementation. Our strategy development training turns data, insight, and ideas into achievable diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Course description:

The DICE Strategy Hack is a one and half-day course that provides participants with an understanding of an inclusive strategic planning framework and common diversity and inclusion strategic plan components.

In this training, participants can expect to practice a variety of strategic planning tools and exercises, which will involve developing a diversity and inclusion vision statement and brainstorming relevant goals and objectives. The training culminates in a hands-on workshop where small group dialogue highlights overarching goals that undergo further refinement through provocative problem framing and iterative inquiry exercises. 

This course ensures that good intentions translate to effective outcomes by outlining essential how-to's: how to organize around a strategic framework, how to be intentional with inclusive culture, how to make goals and objectives realistic and measurable, and how to ensure follow-through and sustainable efforts. 

Course Objectives:

By the end of this training, participants will:

  • Use an inclusive strategic planning framework to collaboratively develop strategic plan components;

  • Develop specific, measurable, attainable, results-driven, and timely (SMART) goals for diversity and inclusion efforts;

  • Identify key components of successful diversity and inclusion strategies;

  • Develop an inspiring and representative diversity and inclusion vision statement;

  • Understand how unconscious bias impacts business systems and how to break down barriers using the strategic plan; and

  • Develop an outline for a diversity and inclusion strategic plan that captures goals, objectives, actions, outcomes, and measurement indicators.

Course Content:

Strategic Planning Framework
Learn an inclusive framework for developing effective diversity and inclusion strategic goals and a strategic plan outline.
Utilize SMART objective development tools and techniques to create goals with improved chances for success.
Explore the many facets of inclusive communications to prepare clear and concise messages that resonate.

Mindfulness and Unconscious Bias
Learn techniques to uncover and challenge personal biases and stereotypical thinking.
Develop skills to recognize, understand, and control emotions, emotional flags, and emotional triggers.
Learn techniques to focus on the present moment and promote awareness of thought.

Building Personal Buy-In and Accountability
Identify the real and shared needs to establish a shared understanding or purpose.
Demonstrate the benefits of continuous action in reaching organizational goals.
Develop a commitment to positive organizational change and action planning.

Analyzing Company Culture and Strategic Planning
Learn “A-Triad” method for continuous organizational momentum.
Examine proven methods for turning discussion into forward progress.
Discuss methods for gaining buy in and boosting participation for long-term success and program sustainability.

Plan A Training

To ensure that your DICE Strategy Hack Training is successful, we recommend:

  • A pre-training consultation to discuss goals and outline expectations;

  • Two highly-knowledgeable and experienced trainers to facilitate the learning process; and

  • A post-training consultation to review training results, offer feedback, and determine next steps.

To attain an optimal level of engagement, our trainings require a 15-person minimum and 30-person maximum attendance level.

For more information, contact us:  info@diceleadership.com