Empowering Employees to Empower Themselves


Business Case:

 Workplaces with empowered employees make and implement better solutions and outperform the competition. Studies show that increased employee engagement and empowerment leads to improved employee satisfaction, optimized performance, sustained creativity and innovation, and enhanced employee relations. This improved culture results in better recruitment and retention, stronger organizational trust, reduced time and cost spent on discrimination and harassment cases, and lower absenteeism.

Module Description:

According to renowned business thinker, Daniel Pink, autonomy, mastery, and purpose are key factors for engaged and empowered employees. Our conversation will explore employee values and motivations and how these translate into purpose and work behavior. We will also examine the concept of “leading from where you are” to promote a sense of autonomy and collaboration. 

Café Conversations are interactive group sessions that use the power of inquiry to uncover the collective wisdom of larger, diverse communities on meaningful topics. These engagement sessions demonstrate the value of creating safe, brave forums where people can build relationships, share ideas, solve organizational challenges, act on opportunities, and work together to establish a community of trust.

Module Content:

Empowering Employees to Empower Themselves
Make the case for why employee empowerment is important to the company.
Raise awareness of employee empowerment and how it influences workplace behaviors and business effectiveness.
Share insights on the personal significance of the organization’s goals to empower employees to empower themselves.
Discuss the benefits of leading from where you are and in multiple directions to positively and sustainably impact an organization's goals.

Plan Your DICE Café:

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