Empowering Employees to Empower Themselves


Business Case:

Studies have shown that by increased employee engagement and empowerment leads to improved employee satisfaction, optimized performance, sustained creativity and innovation, enhanced employee relations, better recruitment, higher talent retention, strong organizational trust, reduced time and cost spent on discrimination and harassment cases, and lower absenteeism.

Café Conversations create an opportunity to dive deeper into topics that may be considered taboo or hard to talk about.  Using the power of inquiry, organizational leaders have an opportunity to facilitate conversations that build upon and navigate discussions to a place of discovery.

Course Description:

According to renowned business thinker, Dan Pink, engaged employees need autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Our conversation will explore employee values and motivations and how these translate into purpose and work behavior. We will also examine the concept of “leading from where you are” to promote a sense of autonomy and collaboration. 

Café Conversations are interactive group sessions that use the power of inquiry to uncover the collective wisdom of larger, diverse communities on meaningful topics. These engagement sessions demonstrate the value of creating safe, brave forums where people can build relationships, share ideas, solve organizational challenges, act on opportunities, and work together to establish a community of trust.

Course Objectives:

  • Explore and answer complicated organizational questions in a collaborative environment.
  • Empower a culture of ‘listening to understand’ in an effort to connect ideas, and shine light on patterns, insights, deeper meanings, and actions.
  • Increase individual comfort level in advancing diversity and inclusion goals within the workplace.
  • Establish a living network of collaborative dialogue and problem-solving on topics of diversity and inclusion.
  • Contribute to and capture diverse thinking, experiences, and expectations for future exploration and strategic planning.

Course Content:

Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness
Recognizing emotions, emotional flags, and emotional triggers.
Monitoring thoughts to determine unconscious biases and challenge stereotypes.
Learning techniques to focus on the present moment and promote awareness of thoughts.

Creating Connections
Understanding the need for vulnerability and how to remove personal barriers.
Use of DICE breakers to quickly eliminate barriers and create rapport.
Mastering the use of storytelling to promote relationship building.
Understand the benefits of convening diverse groups to improve engagement and collaboration.
Explore internalized biases and stereotypes and their impact on others.

Empowering Employees to Empower Themselves
Make the case for why employee empowerment is important to the agency.
Raise awareness of employee empowerment and how it influences workplace behaviors and business effectiveness.
Share insights on the personal significance of the organization’s goals to empower employees to empower themselves.

Building Personal Buy-In and Accountability
Identify the real and shared needs to establish a shareding understand or purpose. Why are we talking about this here? Why now?
Overview of Power Plays and the benefit of continuous action in reaching organizational goals.
Commitment for positive organizational change and personal action planning.

Plan Your DICE Café:

To ensure that your Café Conversation is successful, we provide:

  • A pre-session consultation to discuss goals and outline expectations;
  • Two highly-trained and experienced facilitators to moderate and guide the conversation;
  • Customized program materials for further learning and sharing;
  • A detailed summary and analysis to direct workforce strategic planning; and
  • A post-session consultation to review session results, offer feedback, and determine next steps.

To attain an optimal level of engagement, our sessions require a 15-person minimum and 30-person maximum attendance level.

Choose your conversation topic. We'll do the rest. Contact us:  info@diceleadership.com