Gender Diversity


Business Case:

By accepting gender roles and stereotypes as the natural order, our society has traditionally perpetuated physical and invisible barriers for millions of employees across the country. As we enter an era of expanding gender definitions and self-identification, the importance of removing bias and stereotypes has never been more important to a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Module Description:

Our conversation will use the power of storytelling to share an insightful look into the significance of gender for each individual. We will explore the ideals of participants with an examination of the events that shaped these viewpoints. Through genuine curiosity and a desire to understand, we will develop a deeper appreciation for gender diversity and its benefit in the workplace.

Café Conversations are interactive group sessions that use the power of inquiry to uncover the collective wisdom of larger, diverse communities on meaningful topics. These engagement sessions demonstrate the value of creating safe, brave forums where people can build relationships, share ideas, solve organizational challenges, act on opportunities, and work together to establish a community of trust.

Module Content:

Exploration of Gender Diversity Within the Workplace and Beyond
Make the case for why gender diversity is important to the company.
Raise awareness of gender and how it influences workplace behaviors and business effectiveness.
Share insights on the personal significance of the organization’s goals to better recognize and appreciate gender diversity.
Explore internalized biases and stereotypes and their impact on others.

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