Business Case:

The right question has the power to shift perspectives and engage minds. Inquiry sparks interest, insights, and breakthroughs on any problem, project, or idea. By showcasing the strength in diversity of thought, experiences, and knowledge, DICE Idea Labs succeed in breaking down silos, spurring innovation, optimizing next steps, and empowering the collective voice.

Module Description:

DICE Idea Labs provide a fun and innovative forum to present ideas, problems, or projects to a diverse group of participants for immediate feedback and insight on paths forward. This powerful engagement for creative collaboration leads to more effective solutions while tackling cross-cutting, complex problems inside the organization.

The goal of an Idea Lab is to spark creativity and innovation by establishing a focused space for it to happen. We leverage all perspectives and build collaborative communities to address problems and accomplish goals.

Module Objectives:

  • Showcase the strength in diversity of thought, ideas, experiences, and knowledge to develop inclusive and highly-implementable solutions that work.
  • Break down silos and promote information sharing between program areas and business units.
  • Demonstrate the benefit of deeply examining challenges or opportunities using a question-oriented approach versus solution-oriented process.
  • Give participants a voice on projects they are interested in, but not responsible for to promote creative problem-solving and shared decision-making.

Plan Your Idea Lab:

DICE Idea Labs are add-on modules to our comprehensive training services. While we do not offer these modules as a standalone service, we would be thrilled to create a training package that includes a DICE Idea Lab.

Let's design an Idea Lab that tackles your workforce challenges. Contact us:  info@diceleadership.com