Featuring our DICE Toolkit

Business Case:

More than ever before, workplaces are learning how to manage and work efficiently with people from all walks of life, each having their own values, motivating factors, and work style preferences.  Succeeding in diversity and inclusion means building a capacity for compassion within the organization, and understanding the goal is not consensus, it’s respect.

Organizational leaders have an opportunity to create an atmosphere where people feel valued, engaged, and motivated to lead from where they are.  Effective leaders genuinely involve and encourage people to solve organizational challenges and spur innovation. Not only does this type of leadership transform the organization from the bottom up, it can magnify a person’s sense of fulfillment, purpose, and happiness in and out of work.

An organizational culture that fosters creativity, engagement, and encourages new perspectives, also strengths its ability to attract and retain a high-performing and diverse workforce.

Course description:

The DICE Leadership Training builds the capacity within organizations to aggressively act on challenges and opportunities surrounding diversity and inclusion. Participants gain a variety of engagement techniques and interactive approaches to establish safe spaces for dialogue, creativity, and innovation.  This one-and-a-half day training introduces participants to the power of creating time and space to build relationships, promote dialogue, increase collaboration, and solve challenges more inclusively.

The program capacity for the leadership training is 30 participants. The DICE Toolkit is provided to each participant.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the purpose and power of the DICE Engagement Model.
  • Communicate the importance of employee engagement, ownership, and accountability.
  • Learn how to organize, market, and facilitate Café Conversations and Idea Labs.
  • Explore and practice diversity and inclusion facilitation techniques, better known as DICE Breakers.
  • Build trust among employees to promote collaborative problem-solving and more informed decision-making.
  • Create the space and set the tone for productive dialogue.
  • Learn adaptable approaches for building group cohesion, capturing knowledge from all levels of the organization, and encouraging employees to be innovative.
  • Diffuse unproductive or heated discussions.
  • Measure the success of engagements.
  • Turn the DICE Engagement Model into progressive organizational change.

Course Content:

Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness
Recognize emotions, emotional flags, and emotional triggers.
 Monitor thoughts to determine unconscious biases and challenge stereotypes.
Learn techniques to focus on the present moment and promote awareness of thoughts.

Cafe Conversations
Understand the benefits of convening diverse groups to improve engagement and collaboration.
Examine the power of open-ended questions to explore deep-seated viewpoints and ideals.
Gain techniques for organizing cafe conversations to further organizational goals.

Creating Connections
Understand the need for vulnerability and how to remove personal barriers.
Use of DICE breakers to quickly eliminate barriers and create rapport.
Master the use of storytelling to promote relationship building.

Idea Labs
Examine the power of open-ended and close-ended questions to expose blind-spots.
Explore issues through the eyes of other participants to explore new ways of seeing the problem.
Showcase the strength in diversity of thought, ideas, experiences, and knowledge.
Breakdown silos and promote information sharing between program areas and business units, especially among individuals who would not normally engage on the issue.
Gain techniques for organizing idea labs to further organizational goals.

Building Personal Buy-In and Accountability
Identify the real and shared needs to establish a shared understand or purpose. Why are we talking about this here? Why now?
Overview of Power Plays and the benefit of continuous action in reaching organizational goals.
Commitment for positive organizational change and action planning.

Analyzing Company Culture and Strategic Planning
Learn “A-Triad” method for continuous organizational momentum.
Examine proven methods for turning discussion into forward progress.
Discuss methods for boosting participation among coworkers for long-term success and program sustainability.

Plan Your Training

To ensure that your DICE Leadership Training is successful, we provide:

  • A pre-training consultation to discuss goals and outline expectations;
  • Two highly-knowledgeable and experienced trainers to facilitate the learning process;
  • Individual copies of the DICE Toolkit featuring over 200 pages of engagement and collaboration tools and tips to conduct powerful DICE sessions; and
  • A post-training consultation to review training results, offer feedback, and determine next steps.

To attain an optimal level of engagement, our trainings require a 15-person minimum and 30-person maximum attendance level.

Let's work out the details of your training. Contact us:  info@diceleadership.com