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Amber R. Watson

The same boiling water that softens potatoes hardens eggs.  It's about what you're made of - not your circumstances.  And people, you were made from the energy that creates worlds.  My mission is to help people tap into that power.

I'm founder and CEO of the DICE Leadership Group.  What started as a yearning for a more thoughtful conversation on diversity and inclusion, soon grew into a collective movement to create safe spaces where people could talk about their differences and learn a thing or two about themselves.  Succeeding in diversity and inclusion means building a capacity for compassion, and understanding that the goal is not consensus, it's respect.



Tasha J. Lo porto

What inspires you? What work fulfills you?
Do your answers match the environment you live and work in?

To live happy and productive lives, we need to be active players in shaping spaces that nourish us. By seeking to understand ourselves better we can be more empathetic and open to getting to know each other. And when real connections are made between people - that's when magic happens! DICE is all about asking tough questions, teaching organizations how to cultivate inclusive environments that support all employees, and growing our collective creative and emotional capacity. I help package these tools into our products and services – check them out and get in touch to bring DICE to your workplace!


Michaela Hall

Michaela D. Hall

You're awesome. Seriously! I'm not just saying it. I truly appreciate the uniqueness of each individual and the something special you add to this world.

Isn't it funny how we spend so much time trying to stand out so we can make an impression and land our dream job, but once we get the job, we're expected to fit in? Ridiculous! 

Let's work together to change corporate culture for the better. If your organization can only invest in one training this year, mention DICE.

I'm on Twitter connecting with other thought leaders on diversity and inclusion. Join our conversation!