Customized Services To Reach Your Goals

The ideal workplace is overflowing with happy, engaged, and productive employees.

In fact, employees who enjoy being at work are more productive, take fewer sick days, and exhibit increased leadership behavior. Studies show that organizations whose working environments display an appreciation of diversity and a culture of inclusion experience higher levels of employee morale and engagement. We want to help you develop employees who are engaged in your diversity and inclusion goals and who feel empowered to contribute in a meaningful way.

The typical workforce and the way we work are changing.

Workplaces are realizing the increased need to manage and work efficiently with people from all walks of life, each having their own values, motivating factors, and work-style preferences. Succeeding in diversity and inclusion means cultivating a culture of understanding, respecting, and celebrating what makes us unique while bridging these differences to immensely benefit your organization.

We Don't Succeed Unless You Do

Diversity and inclusion initiatives must go beyond “checking the box.” Our trainings are designed to increase internal capacity within your organization to systematically improve culture by leveraging your most important resources-your people. We have this crazy idea that we can do our work so well that the world will no longer need companies like DICE. Can you imagine? Help us get there.

Which service can we provide for you?


Create A Baseline

The DICE IQ Training sets a solid, collective understanding of what diversity and inclusion means and why working inclusively and collaboratively is not just nice, but essential for being a productive organization that reaches diverse audiences. This foundational training establishes a common vocabulary and makes diversity approachable to everyone - white, straight men included.


Develop Strategy

The DICE Strategy Hack provides diversity and inclusion leaders with an inclusive strategic planning framework and strategic plan components to develop a successful diversity and inclusion program. This training showcases a variety of strategic planning tools and exercises, including development of a diversity and inclusion vision statement and brainstorming relevant goals and objectives.


Boost Capacity

The DICE Leader Training builds the capacity within organizations to proactively address challenges and capitalize on opportunities surrounding diversity and inclusion efforts. We provide a thorough overview of our 200-page DICE Leader Toolkit which explains DICE facilitation techniques and various collaboration tools for a sustained diversity and inclusion program. 

The DICE Model

The DICE Model of engagement promotes a strong and effective diversity and inclusion program that is more inclusive, collaborative, and empowering. Our customized services result in an organizational culture that fosters productivity, innovation, and strengthens the organization's ability to meet client and public expectations.



the brave, safe space for collaboration, innovation, and action.

Our DICE IQ Training establishes an organizational baseline for what diversity and inclusion means and how a thriving culture looks. From this solid foundation and shared understanding, a more clear and actionable diversity and inclusion vision emerges.


all levels of an organization in idea-generation, problem-solving, and decision-making.

Our DICE Strategy Hack engages numerous levels of the organization around crafting a diversity and inclusion program that addresses pain points uncovered during our discovery sessions. By solving these challenges collectively, employees are empowered, enthusiastic, and energized around company goals.


employees to manage risks, take action, and lead from where they are.

The DICE Leader Training increases the internal capacity of organizations to create a culture of inclusion that lowers attrition, improves diversity, and boosts productivity. Employees are empowered with the tools, techniques, and resources needed to move from strategy to action and implement successful diversity and inclusion programs.