Customized Services To Reach Your Goals

The ideal workplace is overflowing with happy, engaged and productive employees.

In fact, employees who enjoy being at work are more productive, take less sick days, and exhibit increased leadership behavior.  Studies show that organizations whose working environments display an appreciation of diversity and a culture of inclusion experience higher levels of employee morale and engagement. We want to help you develop employees who are engaged in your diversity and inclusion goals, and who feel empowered to contribute in a meaningful way.

Which service can we provide for you?


Cafe Conversation 

Cafe Conversations provide the widely sought-after spaces needed to engage in conversation on the delicate topics that guide our behavior. Engagement at its best, these discussions use intriguing questions to remove barriers, create empathy, and build strong alliances.



  Idea Lab  

Idea Labs offer an innovative and exciting way to examine creative solutions to workplace obstacles. Through a specially-designed series of interactions, participants collaborate to discover the true root of an issue, determine points of further examination, and plan next steps.



Leadership Course

The DICE Leadership Training equips participants with the skills and tools needed to conduct powerful Cafe Conversations and Idea Labs for your organization. Trainees gain an exclusive toolkit of engagement and collaboration techniques to design, promote, and manage internal DICE sessions.